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Hey, Friends—

We are Rocket Boys Print Co. A locally owned and operated screen printing shop based out of Nashville, TN. Here’s the deal—we honestly never thought we’d become screen printers—but we are. Our ultimate goal always was and always will be to partner alongside artists, businesses, startups, and local markets to make things.

We both studied music and audio engineering here in Nashville and found that in order to contribute in those areas we had to compete with the very people we were pushing to be on the same team as. Screen printing allowed us to join with our peers and further ideas together rather than fragment the community.

We choose themes of space, NASA, rockets because we are forever inspired by the space program’s purpose of human discovery; pulling together the worlds greatest engineers, pilots, scientists all for the sake of pioneering the unknown. Exploration. We hope to use screen printing as a tool to fiercely run down that sentiment; creation for exploration’s sake—to better our community, to partner with other artists, and to always push ourselves and the others around us onwards. Let’s do this together.


Rocket Boys Print Co. 

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111 E Old Hickory Blvd

Nashville, TN 37115